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ASME code welding

Every good welder understands that codes exist to improve the quality of welding work. By providing qualifications for welders we can ensure that such important work meets standards of excellence. The most widely known are ASME code welding, which is the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the AWS, which is the American Welding Society. At Wyler Industrial Works our shop managers use ASME codes to ensure that we provide top quality welding service.

A Closer Look at the Standards

An ASME is comprised of a team of volunteers. The group is balanced to prevent an interest group taking control. ASME code welding specialist undergoes special training and certification. The ASME developed the “Broiler and Pressure Vessel” code that has 11 different sections. It details the construction, design, and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels. This group also created the “Code for Pressure Piping.” This is a code that with seven sections that has guidelines for materials, fabrication, erection, design, and testing and inspection for piping systems.

These codes create general requirements. Expectations and standards ensure that welding is the same across the industry. For these specific areas, the ASME code welders at Wyler Industrial Works find the codes very important. For repair work as well as alterations, the ASME joined with the National Board of Pressure Vessel Inspectors, NVIC to layout the proper methods and procedures.

Successful ASME Code Welding

At Wyler Industrial Works, we have worked in the El Paso area for quite some time, producing complex metal fabrications. While we have been operating in El Paso since 1891, a lot has changed in our industry but standards have not! We have always maintained proper procedures and stuck to high standards. We care about integrity and providing our clients with great products at the quickest rate possible. Our ASME code welders pride themselves in excellent work that meets the highest standards. Hiring and maintaining talented welders while maintaining certifications is a must.

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When it comes to providing quality ASME code welding, we deliver quality results! We conduct repairs on boilers, heat exchangers, heating coils and anything pertaining to pressure vessels. Our team can easily handle replacing tubes, rolling tubes, refractory repairs and more. We run a boiler shop that is authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as well as the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to make ASME code welding repairs under the “R,” “PP” and “U” stamps. Be sure to call us today to find out more.

Do I Need a Pressure Piping System?

pressure piping

For industry owners, the simple answer is yes. If you have power boilers or heating boilers, then you need pipes that can handle them. Pressure piping is slightly different from regular piping based on the amount of pressure it can handle for one. Pressure comes from the amount of water and the speed of the water running through the pipe. Regular pipes designed for homes do not have a lot of pressure, as they are not used as much. They also cannot handle high-pressure gasses or vapors. Regardless of your property type, having a certified team who can work with these pipes makes a huge difference in the safety and longevity of your pipes.

Safety Should Always Come First for Pressure Piping

Given that these pipes must function under immense pressure, you want to keep them well maintained. Imagine the damage that comes from a regular pipe bursting or cracking. Now imagine if that pipe is filled with dangerous gasses, vapors or boiling water. What might have been a minor problem can become a huge problem with potential for serious injury. When you have an experienced team working to maintain or repair your high-pressure pipes, you reduce the risk of injury to your crew.

Efficiency is Key

Having the proper care for your pressure piping systems helps ensure your company stays efficient. No pipe is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. A minor hairline crack may not seem like a huge problem until your product starts to slow. When you have a quality team working on your pipes, they can help you avoid any major problems. Getting a team that can supply the proper replacement parts also helps keep your company running smoothly.

Look for the ASME Certification

Being ASME certified means being committed to the safety and excellence of service. ASME is a QA Standard that represents a dedication to quality and adherence to recent safety codes. Meaning that the company is up to date on all safety procedures and codes. It also indicates that the work done in the creation of parts is safe and consistent. When a company has this type of certification, it means you can trust them to do a quality job on your pipes.

Learn More About Pressure Piping

For your industry’s piping needs, choose Wyler Industrial Inc. We are certified by ASME to work with pressure piping systems and have years of experience here in El Paso. We have the knowledge you need and want to keep your piping working for you. Call us today for an appointment.