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Boiler Services

Your El Paso Team for Industrial Boiler Installation Services

Making sure your facility’s boiler is working as efficiently as possible starts with the first step: proper installation. At Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., we pride ourselves in our boiler installation services. Since we’ve been in the industry for over 100 years, we have the experience necessary to make everything go off without a hitch. With authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, our team is able to provide excellent service as well as peace of mind.

Personalized Boiler Installation Services

Every facility has different needs. For this reason, Wyler is able to provide services that perfectly suit yours. Although industrial boilers are meant to work efficiently for over 20 years, it’s possible for a myriad of issues to arise. If you’ve started to notice faults in your boiler, it may be time to consider a replacement. Since the process of installation can take quite some time, it’s important to first plan ahead accordingly and know what to expect from replacement services.


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How A New Industrial Boiler Will Benefit Your Facility

With the opportunity of installing a new boiler comes the opportunity to make your industrial facility more energy efficient. A new boiler will allow you to use fuel as efficiently as possible. To achieve this goal, it’s possible to consider certain options such as feedwater economizers or new combustion controls. Each of these options can increase thermal efficiency by 3 or 5 perfect. Simply put, these additions could translate to vast fuel savings on a yearly basis.


Safety and Efficiency

Since boilers are meant to power industrial facilities, it’s prudent for them to be as safe as possible. Thanks to the recent advancements in boiler control technology, industrial facilities are able to boast higher efficiency while increasing the overall safety of the facility. Combustion control and burner-management safety are two such technological advancements. With new boiler installation services, you’ll be able to decide on a unit that will boost efficiency and safety in your industrial facility.

Boiler Installation Services for Industrial Facilities in the El Paso Area

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. provides boiler installation services to the industrial facilities of the Southwest. Proper installation requires careful planning and proper knowledge of the task at hand. Our team can answer any questions you may have about the installation process. A new boiler can boost the efficiency of any industrial facility. Our team is ready to help.