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Machine Shop in El Paso

Serving Facilities Across the Southwest

Wyler Industrial is proud to be the best machine shop in the El Paso area. We offer CNC machining services to create the components you need. Since we’ve been around the block for decades, we have been highly reviewed by our countless clients. Wyler Industrial continuously stands apart as the best in the region. There’s no one else who can top our work or services! If you’re looking for reliable and affordable, custom machine shop services, then we can help.

High-Grade Machine Shop Services

If your business operates in an industrial setting, it’s likely that you and your staff make use of heavy and complex equipment, especially those made out of metal, glass, wood, or plastic, on a daily basis. If you’re looking for high-grade machining services, then you’ve come to the right place. Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. is proud to provide all the machining services one could ever need.

Machines, much like any other kind of equipment, have a lifespan and they are bound to run into failures sooner or later. Although there are solutions to get your machinery back in working order, routine repairs are necessary in order to make sure your equipment runs efficiently throughout its lifespan.

Through our machine shop, we’ve provided the necessary assistance for industrial companies and settings of the Southwest for many years. Our machine shop is built around ensuring that your facility runs as smoothly as possible with the help of our comprehensive services.

Cost, Rates, and Timelines

We understand how downtime can negatively affect your industrial business. For this reason, we strive to offer quick turnaround times. Each project’s timeline depends on the project itself, especially when it comes to specific repairs or replacements you may need. Nonetheless, we can get your machine back in working order all in one working piece, in no time.

Every industrial facility faces incredible demands on a daily basis. This is why we work to the very best of our ability to return your equipment as soon as possible. You can contact us to learn more about rates and how much we charge for repairs, replacements, and welding.

Industries We Serve

Our machine shop has provided equipment finishes, in-house welding, and much more for industries of all kinds. The wide range of industries we serve include:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Power stations
  • Military and government machining
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • And many more!

If your industry specializes in different services, you can give us a call to learn if we are the perfect fit for your equipment and machinery needs.


We Made Service Calls in 1891...


Our Machine Shop Services 

Routine repairs: One part of faulty equipment can be enough to cause extreme damages to machinery and to those operating the equipment. Our professionals can come in on a regular basis to conduct inspections and to provide the necessary repairs if any are needed.

Emergency repairs: We offer machine redesigning services for situations that require immediate attention. One small mishap can lead to severe accidents. It is important that you contact us right away when an emergency occurs.

Alterations: You don’t have to go out of your way to completely replace equipment or machine parts. Our alteration services allow us to be able to repair are part of any size and enhance its productivity and work performance.

New parts: If replacing parts is absolutely necessary, we can manufacture and fabricate equipment exactly how you need it. Looking into receiving new parts can extend the life span of your machines and improve the quality of work.

Shaft removal: Whether you need bend correction or complete removal of a shaft, we can provide all the same. Your machine’s shaft can call for lengthy downtimes and expensive costs and repairs. You can avoid this trouble with our shaft removal and replacement services.

Destructive testing: We offer destructive testing to assess a machine’s performance or behavior. These procedures are also carried out to test the specimen’s reaction to potential failures.

Welding: Our professionals are able to weld many types of steel and metals that are used by many industries for their heavy-duty projects and procedures. Our welding services allow us to make custom cuts and precisions as well.


Repair or Replace: Alteration Options Available 

Line boring: This engine machining process is intended to create straight bores for tunnels and saddles. Our operation of line borings achieves the greatest accuracy possible for hole diameters, as well.

Broken part repairs: We can assess the symptoms of your machine and its broken parts and apply the necessary repairs. Our machine repairs services include the tools and capabilities you need to get your equipment back to one piece.

Custom parts: With the help of our alteration and line boring, we can provide you with the precision and accuracy you need in order to receive the parts specific to your machinery.

Routine & Emergency Repairs For Industrial Facilities in the El Paso Area

If you want to avoid a pattern of constant machine and power delivery failure, you will come to realize that routine and emergency repairs can provide you with the assistance you need. Faulty machines are not to be trusted. If your equipment breaks down abruptly, our team is ready to assist at any time. We have the tools and expertise to be able to assess your situation and apply repairs accordingly. 

Get In Touch With Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. Today

Don’t let your machinery worsen. Our machine shop is here to help you with your equipment, no matter how small or big the situation might be. Give us a call at (915) 542-1771 to learn more about how our welding shop can help you.