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Your ASME Certified El Paso Team for Welding Services and Materials

When it comes to welding, it’s crucial to choose a reputable team to do the work. This, way the end result will be as expected. In order for the job to be completed accordingly, the welder must have ASME code welding accreditation. Not only will a certified welder do the job right the first time, the end result will be backed up with a stamp of approval from ASME, the leading standard in mechanical engineering.


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What Various Welding Materials Mean For You

Depending on the needs of the client, there are many materials from which to choose. At Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., we can handle all welding needs, from patching and repairing to building. Our team is equipped for the job.

  • Mild Steel– Having a low amount of carbon allows mild steel to be more ductile and weldable than other types of steel. It’s important to note that due to its low amount of carbon, mild steel is very difficult to harden or strengthen through heating or quenching. Mild steel is more affordable than other steels. The cost—along with its weldable attributes—makes mild steel a highly sought after option.
  • Stainless Steel– Stainless steel’s versatility, corrosive resistance, strength, and affordable cost makes it one of the most popular materials available today. It is also generally weldable, making it a great structural and design application option.
  • Aluminum– As an incredibly versatile and efficient metal, aluminum is able to provide structural support all without adding excess weight. Welded aluminum can yield a wide variety of benefits to many industries.
  • Cast Iron– As an iron-carbon alloy, cast iron can be seen as the most difficult material to weld do to its carbon content which is 2% or 10 times as much as other types of steel. The high amount of carbon may cause flakes of graphite to form. Cast iron is relatively inexpensive and can be easily cast into a variety of complex shapes. For this reason, cast iron is an excellent choice for structural or mechanical needs. Properly welding cast iron requires the right skills and tools in order to yield the best results.


ASME Code Welding in the El Paso Area

From tried-and-true methods like Shielded Metal Arc Welding to more modern, precise methods such as those making use of Servograph or Plasmarc machines, there are many welding method available to get the job done right. Most importantly, however, it’s prudent for the welding team to have the proper certification and experience to provide the most complete service possible. At Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., our team is proudly certified by the ASME.