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Industrial Repair & Fabrication Services

We Keep The Industry Moving Since 1891

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. has been serving the Southwest for over 100 years. We are an all-encompassing, full service team, dealing with every aspect of industrial repair. Our fast and reliable service sets us apart from the rest. We are the only team that provides full service capability in West Texas and Southern New Mexico.

Boiler Services

Backup when minutes count! When your mechanical staff has a problem, they need industrial repair services fast! Nothing slows the process down more than having to contact several specialized shops for service.

  • Installations

    At Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., we pride ourselves in our boiler installation services.

  • Repairs

    In order for any machine to run efficiently, regular maintenance and repairs are necessary.

  • Start Up

    Making sure your facility’s boiler is working as efficiently as possible starts with the first

We Made Service Calls in 1891...


Mechanical Repair

No matter the type of industry, any piece of machinery requires regular maintenance in order for the facility to operate at maximum efficiency. As time goes on, more overwhelming mechanical issues may arise.These issues will require mechanical repair services


When it comes to welding, it’s crucial to choose a reputable team to do the work. This way, the end result will be as expected. In order for the job to be completed accordingly, the welder must have ASME code welding accreditation.

Machine Shop Services

Wyler Industrial is proud to be the Southwest's foremost machine shop. We provide everything from routine and emergency repairs to alterations and new part manufacturing. Our machine shop services are available for a wide range of industries, including mining, automotive, and commercial.

Combustion Control

When it comes to combustion control, its imperative for industrial facilities to hire the right team. Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. has over 100 years of experience working on combustion controls in the Southwest. With our assistance, your equipment will work

Pressure Piping Services

When it comes to pressure piping repairs, the industrial facilities of the Southwest deserve the best. Appropriate experience, along with the necessary certifications translate to the all-encompassing service.


Backflow can lead to disastrous situation and even cause industrial facilities to shut down.

Pressure Piping

Appropriate pressure piping is necessary for any industrial facility to be both safe and efficient.

Commercial Gas Lines

Properly maintained commercial gas lines provide a safe environment for employees and clients.


In order for any machine to run efficiently, regular maintenance and repairs are necessary.


We provide comprehensive pressure piping replacement services so your facility can run as smoothly as possible.