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Mechanical Repair

Your El Paso Team for Industrial Mechanical Repair, Air Compressor Repair, and More!

No matter the type of industry, any piece of machinery requires regular maintenance in order for the facility to operate at maximum efficiency. As time goes on, more overwhelming mechanical issues may arise. These issues will require mechanical repair services from a skilled team that can provide whatever you need.

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. is a self-sufficient team that is able to repair broken parts, machine new parts, and alter existing equipment for it to work as it’s supposed to. We provide services on-site or in our shop. Our mechanical repair division is ready to make any necessary repairs to conveyors, air compressors, fluid pumps, balers, presses, and much more.


Industrial conveyors keep facilities running on a daily basis. If a conveyor falters or faces issues, the entire facility can come to a standstill. If your conveyor is facing issues, seek mechanical repair services from Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. With our repair and inspection services, your facility’s conveyor will be perform efficiently. Our team offers regular and emergency maintenance and repair services.

Air Compressors Repair 

Air compressors play a major role in the industrial sector. When an air compressor is faulty, it can lead to issues that may impact your entire facility. Common air compressor issues such as unusual sounds, oil leakage, or high temperatures can be repaired if caught early on. It’s necessary to have a team to back you up in times of need.

At Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., we’re able to provide air compressor repair services whenever you need them. So, at the first sign of air compressor issues, reach out to our team. We’ll repair the issue so your facility can run efficiently.


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Fluid Pumps

All machines see wear and tear on a daily basis. Fluid pumps face erosion and may require repairs more often than other pieces of machinery. Instead of replacing your industrial facility’s fluid pumps, seek repair services from Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. As a full-service shop, we can repair broken parts or machine completely new parts. This option is more reliable and more affordable than purchasing a new part from the manufacturer.


Balers, Presses and Compactors

Your facility’s balers, pressers or compactors make use of their hydraulic components regularly. Regularly compressing massive objects leads to wear and tear that can make these machines work less efficiently or break down all together. Through repairs, your industrial compressors will be able to work properly and reliably.

Mechanical Repair Services for Industrial Facilities in the El Paso Area

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. has been providing the Southwest with excellent mechanical repair, air compressor repair, and many more services for over 100 years. We understand that mechanical emergencies occur every single day. For this reason, we make our services easily accessible. We’re able to provide repairs on-site or in our shop. If you’re in the El Paso area, choose us as your reputable industrial repair team.