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About Wyler Industrial Works, Inc.

Wyler Industrial Works Inc.’s history can be traced back to the 1880s when Oliver Dutton, a machinist who owned a bicycle shop, set up his storefront in the Sun City because of his interests in the railroad expansions, which was a big change in El Paso around that time. Dutton eventually turned his bicycle shop into a spare parts business, targeting the railroad companies, who may have needed to purchase parts while traveling through El Paso. For a short while, this business was known as the Electric and Machine Company before being renamed to the El Paso Novelty Company in 1900. The company resided at the corner of San Antonio and East Overland, where it remained for many years.

But Dutton didn’t stop his business there. In 1906, he teamed up with J.C. House and T.C. Link to create a new company called Union Iron and Brass Works, moving the company to the corner of South Virginia and Sixth Street in 1907. From there, the company continued to grow and a few years after that, in 1911, John O. Wyler and J.F. Baumgarten joined the company, eventually gaining control and renaming the company Baumgarten and Wyler in 1913. At the time, the company specialized in manufacturing brass products and making general repairs. In 1923, the company was renamed Wyler Industrial Works after Wyler purchased Baumgarten’s shares and partnered up with Otto J. Wyler and Harvey Wilson.


We Made Service Calls in 1891...


Transition to a Family Business

The transitions didn’t stop there. After John O. Wyler’s death, the company was purchased by long-time employee, L. Paul Berry. Berry, who was a graduate of the Texas College of Mines and a former Marine, and his wife Patricia owned and managed the company for many years and when he retired, his son Curtis M. Berry took over. Now, Fred A. Duvall, III is president of Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., having taken over in 2001.


What Services Do We Offer?

Over the years, Wyler Industrial Works Inc.’s business has grown and accommodated to meet the needs of El Paso’s community. Now, we specialize in industrial repair services, including boiler repair, welding, pressure piping, and more. In addition, we have a backflow certification, an “R” stamp from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors, and a “PP” (pressure piping) Certificate of Authorization from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. We also offer welding and machine shop services, combustion control, among other services.

We help businesses and institutes of all kinds, including universities, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and other businesses throughout West Texas and Southern New Mexico. If you’re in need of industrial repair services, we can help. Contact us or explore our website to learn more about the many ways we can help you.