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Industrial Works

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. - Serving the Southwest for Over 100 Years

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. has been serving the Southwest for over 100 years. We are an all-encompassing, full service team, dealing with every aspect of industrial repair. Our fast and reliable service sets us apart from the rest. We are the only team that provides full service capability in West Texas and Southern New Mexico. Consider Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. as part of your team. Call on us anytime for advice, troubleshooting, and fast solutions. Our services are available in the shop or on-site. When it comes to industrial repair and fabrication services in the Southwest, quick and trustworthy assistance is not just a necessity, it’s a requirement.


We Made Service Calls in 1891...


Reliable and Efficient Industrial Repair Services

In order for any industrial facility to run efficiently, every piece of machinery and equipment must be in proper working order. Since these machines see use on a daily basis, issues can arise from time to time. When this occurs, the machine in question requires immediate repairs in order for the entire facility to continue to run at peak efficiency. Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. provides reliable industrial repair services to facilities in the Southwest Area. Our team is certified and experienced in many facets of industrial maintenance. Our machine shop, for instance, can repair a broken part, machine a new part, or alter any existing equipment. We also make repairs on boilers, heat exchangers, heating coils, and just about anything in the pressure vessel category. So when it comes to industrial repair services, choose Wyler Industrial Services, Inc.


Industrial Fabrication Services Provided by Wyler Industrial Works, Inc.

Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. provides industrial fabrication services to the industries of the Southwest. When a machine’s part breaks, it can cause the industrial facility to slow or even shut down until the machine is back in working order. Our team can quickly fabricate new parts that will serve their intended purpose efficiently. We are also able to provide sheet metal and piping fabrication services to keep your facility up and running.

Industrial Services for El Paso and the Southwest Area

When it comes to industrial service, repair, and fabrication, it’s necessary to choose a team that can provide every service as efficiently as possible. Wyler Industrial Works, Inc. has the experience, certifications, and tools necessary to tend to any issue. We are authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers as well as by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections. No matter what issue your industrial facility is facing, our team can deal with it quickly and effectively.