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Backup when minutes count!  When your mechanical staff has a problem, they need industrial repair services fast!  Nothing slows the process down more than having to contact several specialized shops for service.  With metal fabrication, boiler, welding, machine, mechanical, control and pressure piping divisions, Wyler Industrial Works, Inc.  is ready to help you through just about any emergency, start to finish.  This full service capability is offered in West Texas and Southern New Mexico only by Wyler Industrial Works, a family-owned-and-operated corporation in El Paso, Texas.  We can do it all! Think of us as part of your team, a backup staff you can call on anytime for advice, troubleshooting, and fast solutions to your problems.  One call puts you in touch with the entire quickly responding, full-service 'Wyler team'.

Wyler makes repairs on boilers, heat exchangers, heating coils, just about anything in the pressure vessel category.  Replacing tubes, rolling tubes, refractory repairs, or cleaning burners; our boiler shop is authorized by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors to make code repairs under our "R", "PP", and "U" stamps.

For over 100 years, Wyler has worked on combustion controls.  Not just boilers, but hot oil plants, aggregate heaters, and asphalt heaters.  Fireye, Industrial Combustion, and Honeywell are comonplace in the control division.  Our control technicians have attended the major training schools and are portable computer equipped to set the controls, air/fuel ratios, and other control components to make your equipment do its best job.  For the best in combustion control service, let us make the next service call on any of your equipment.

In the welding shop or in the field, mild steel or stainless, aluminum or cast iron,  servograph or plasmarc, the certified welders at Wyler can handle your welding needs  whether it is building a tower, patching a leak, or repairing a trailer hitch, we are equipped to do the job.

Repair a broken part, machine a new part, alteration to existing equipment, removing shafts in a 200,000 pound press, and line boring, are all daily occurrences in the machine shop.  Any machine will eventually need repairs.  Whether routine or an emergency, our machine shop knows how to respond.

Frequently heard in metal fabrication division are terms like "shear it", "roll it", "break it", or "cut it."  Whether you have a need for a small box, an industrial air duct, or a giant dust collection system, this division can do the job.  It makes no difference whether it is light gauge or heavy plate; mild steel or stainless; aluminum or galvanized; we can help you plan your project and fabricate it to your specifications.

On-site or in the shop,  the mechanical repair division is ready to make those necessary repairs to conveyors, air compressors, fluid pumps, balers, or presses.  

If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the industrial repair or industrial fabrication services, please feel free to give us a call, contact us via the Web, or just stop by and one of our friendly associates will be more than happy to assist you. If you're looking for professional boiler repair, installation, or start-up; mechanical repair or welding services; a part manufactured in our machine shop, choose Wyler Industrial Works, Inc., today!

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